Your Wedding Shoot List: Must-Have Photos to Capture Your Special Day

When you are planning with your wedding photographer, it is important that you walk into the meeting with some kind of idea of moments that you would like to capture on your special day. The biggest regret of brides (and grooms) after the big day is not having some of the photos that they see other couples capture. The way you can make sure that all of your memories are captured, without any stress on the big day, is by making sure you make a shoot list with your photographer beforehand.

As a photography studio that specializes in weddings, we like to make sure our clients get all of the images that the desire so that they can look back for years to come. Here are some ideas of photos  that you don’t want to miss out on at your own wedding:

1. The Wedding Bouquet

2. Bridal Clothing Features

3. Close-Up Shots of Your Dress


4. The Rings


5. Cutting the Cake


6. Moments with the Bridesmaids


7. Photos Getting Ready


8. Bridal Beauty Shots


9. The After Party & Wedding Reception




10. The Groomsmen




11. The “I-Do” Moment

12. The Wedding Cake



13. Father Daughter Dance (& Sentimental Moments)

14. Room Details

15. The Flower Girl


16. The Wedding Party



17. The Table Decor

18. The Family


19. The Honeymoon Send-Off


20. All of the Beautiful Details



Photography and video make it so you never have to forget a detail of your wedding day. Photographers know how to capture the intricate shots, so that you never need to forget a moment.

What do you think about these 20 wedding shots? Are there any we forgot that you cherish from your wedding day? Let us know in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you.

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