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It seems like trends in wedding photography and video change year to year, as new methods of capturing special wedding moments become easier and fashionable.

Here are the latest wedding photography and videography trends that you might want to consider for your big day:


Quirky Poses

Remember your grandparents’ wedding photos? Well, the days of stiff smiles and unnatural, staged photos are over.

More and more couples are opting to take photos of themselves in funny or quirky poses,emphasizing the joy of a wedding day rather than the ceremonial aspects. This may be largely due to the advent of social media. Funny photos are a lot more interesting and more likely to be shared.

The trend toward quirky wedding photos may also be because of a desire for wedding photos to look more natural. Couples can let their personalities shine, and the moments that photographers capture are more authentic.

Vintage Tint and Colorization

The vintage wedding photo trend has been in vogue for a while and continues to be popular in 2017. Applying vintage tints to wedding photos makes them look more artful and can make the couple look like they are from a bygone era.

Simple colorization editing techniques can also add a rustic flair to the photos. Some people choose to have their photos editing through these filters because the final product is often very romantic. These photos come primed for your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Polaroid Photography

The trend toward Polaroid photography is an interesting one because the final images are much lower quality than when taken with a digital camera. But this style does have one major benefit: the photos are available almost instantly.

These photos make great keepsakes for you and your wedding guests. Nevertheless, taking photos with a Polaroid camera still takes an experienced eye.

Although it’s not likely that your wedding photographer already comes prepared with a Polaroid camera, ask them if they can take photos in this style and they may be able to accommodate you. However, these photos will not be suitable replacements for high-quality digital wedding photos.


Turning short wedding videos into GIFs is another social media-influenced trend that has recently taken off. Some couples opt to use GIFs for their wedding announcements or for an after the wedding “Thank You” post. These GIFs can be extremely appealing and a great way to showcase you and your spouse.

Documentary-Style Videos

Just like with applying vintage filters to photos, more couples have been requesting their videographers to shoot their wedding video in the style of a documentary, complete with individual testimonials and candid moments. The final product tells the story of the couple from the perspective of their friends and family, culminating in their wedding day. This might be a better option for smaller weddings so the videographer has a chance to get everyone in front of the camera at least once.

Not every videography service will shoot your wedding video in this style because of the amount of time they would need to spend editing the footage. But a documentary-style wedding video is endlessly re-watchable and is worth the extra money you might have to pay upfront.

Trimmed-Down Videos

Some couples are opting to have their wedding videos edited down to feature only the highlights. This can be a great option if you are just looking for a short keepsake of your wedding day to accompany your photos.

Along these lines, some couples request quick jump cuts in their wedding videos, wanting to capture the frenetic feelings that are often present the day of the wedding. These cuts can be used to humorous effect. In general, some videographers will be receptive to editing suggestions if you are able to explain exactly what you want out of your video.

Full-Day Footage

On the opposite spectrum, some couples want their videos to be longer than average, capturing every single moment of their wedding day. These videos start as soon as the couple wakes up. A videographer will show them getting ready individually, capturing their feelings of excitement and anxiety. The video will then segue to the hours leading up to the ceremony: decorating the hall, coordinating logistics with the entertainment, and making sure all the guests are seated. After that, it’s time for the main event.

The wedding video will climax with you and your partner exchanging vows and rings and finally becoming newlyweds. Then, it’s time for the reception. Every moment, whether goofy, solemn, or jovial will be captured and edited by your videographer.

In some special cases, the videographer can quickly edit together footage from the ceremony to hand out as a keepsake at the reception. Obviously, this means that the actual reception would not be captured on video, but it can be the best option for those who want a quick turnaround.

Video and Photo Combinations

Requesting a combination of video and photos on a single DVD or digital file is becoming increasingly common. A clever photo and video company will edit the two together so that they complement each other, giving you and your partner a cohesive document of your wedding day that you will be able to cherish forever.

To request more information on our affordable photo and video packages, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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