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Around this time of year, the city of Chicago anticipates for most-everyone’s favorite seasons, spring and summer! There is also a lot of talk about dreading winter, and most relevant to this post, “wedding season” being at a stand still. It is true that the most popular months for weddings, especially in places that experience a “real” winter season are: June, August, September, and October—while January, February, and March tend to be the least popular. This is purely because of harsh winter conditions.

However, winter months do not necessarily mean that weddings cannot happen, and in fact, you can even find discounts on venues and other services when it isn’t prime-time wedding season! As a wedding photography studio, we are all about winter weddings.

Here are 5 reasons that wedding season can continue even when the warm season ends:

1. Winter Makes for BEAUTIFUL Photos

Some of my favorite wedding photos take place in the snow. Luckily, even when a bit of snow hits the ground, the fact it is white works well for photos, and especially up against a beautiful wedding dress (just be sure that you have you best friend handy to watch your train)!

2. There are a TON of Great Indoor Venues

People underestimate how many awesome indoor venues are in Chicago. This city is practically always prepared for the worst of snow storms, and just because it is cold, it doesn’t mean that the city stops!

Don’t be totally afraid to have a winter wedding—you’re likely to get an amazing deal on a venue when there are not 50 other couples competing for the same day!

3. Money Goes Further

This was kind of brought up in our venue point, but money goes alot father in a winter wedding, in general!

If you have your heart set on getting married on a Saturday, in your favorite location, with your dream baker and florist, not only are you more likely to have availability, but the cost is likely to be lower than in busy summer wedding season!

4. Time off for the Holidays

If you have a lot of family and friends that live at a distance, it can be hard for them to get enough time off work to attend a wedding long-distance.

However, while rates around the holidays might be a bit pricier to fly, at least you know that people will be able to get the time off work. In fact, if you pick a week near a holiday (not on a holiday) people might be able to get surprisingly good rates!

5. Honeymoon Cost

If you’re looking to go on your honeymoon immediately following your wedding you can save significantly on travel by not going at the most popular time of year (summer).

Tropical paradises tend to be places to visit year round—so why not take a winter escape and take a beach vacation right when you are starting to get sick of winter?

The Takeaway

There is a lot of talk about the end of wedding season approaching, but truly beautiful winter weddings are a joy for us to be a part of as well. Just because the first snowfall is right around the corner, does not mean the wedding industry comes to a close. There are many reasons (even more than the five on this list) to choose to have a winter wedding. We can guarantee that if you go this route—and hire us to be a part of it—your photo memories will be just as awesome as any summer wedding.

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