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Having the perfect bouquet on your special day consists of a lot more than just picking flowers that go with your color scheme. Each flower has a specific meaning and if you take the time to really think about what goes into your bouquet, you’ll have something very symbolic that you will remember forever. Here are some of the meanings behind common wedding flowers and those that are not so common, but have beautiful meanings that you may want to be unique and include:


Roses have long been associated with love and passion. This association goes as far back as the Greek god Aphrodite who was the goddess of love. A rather unknown fact about roses is that they are also meant to represent confidentiality. Each color of rose also has a special meaning. White, for example represents innocence, purple represents love at first sight, and orange is desire.


Carnations were once used in ceremonial crowns for ancient Greeks. They are found in a bunch of different colors and they make a beautiful addition to a wedding bouquet. Typically they are meant to express love ad each color has its own specific association. Dark red carnations are meant to represent affection and love. The most popular color, light pink, however, is supposed to represent the unfaltering love of a mother.


Chrysanthemums, or commonly referred to as “mums”, have a long history that is filled with great symbolism. I general, they are meant to symbolize happiness and joy. They are also perfect for a Chicago wedding because mums are, in fact, the official flower of Chicago. When the petals bloom, it is also seen as a symbol for perfection.


Orchids are often seen as a luxury plant due to their exoticness and rather expensive price tag. This gorgeous flower is associated with beauty, love, and power.

The color of an orchid also plays a role in what it is supposed to mean. For example, the light pink orchids represent delicate beauty that is rare. One of the most popular orchids, the cattelya orchid, is supposed to stand for matured charm and graces.


Tulips are named based on the turkish word that means gauze. This is because, in full bloom, a tulip may look kind of like a turban. Like many other flowers, the color of a tulip plays a large role in what it symbolizes. White tulips are for forgiveness, yellow tulips are for cheeriness, and purple tulips represent royalty. Possibly the most beautiful symbolism of the tulips would be the red tulip. Often associated with a Turkish tall tale of love and loss, the red tulip is supposed to be a sign for perfect love.


The full bloom of a peony is quite a beautiful sight. One might assume that the flower is a symbol for something beautiful such as love or desire. In reality, the peony represented anger to those in the Victorian era. That being said, this lucious bloom seems like it would be a great choice to add fullness and depth to a wedding bouquet, but the symbolism is a little off.


Sweetpea flowers are a delicate pink that would grace a bouquet quite lovely.

Luckily, the symbolism that they hold fits well with the idea of love and happiness. The sweetpea flowers are meant to represent pleasure. Again, this is fitting for such a visually pleasing flower.


Besides having a very enticing smell, gardenias are a beautiful and delicate flower. They are meant to represent purity, due to their clean color, and sweetness, possibly due to their sweet scent. When you have a gardenia, they indicate joy and even a secret love. These would be a lovely addition to a bouquet for those that want to convey sweetness on their special day.

The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is a very notable part of your wedding ceremony and reception. As said before, when you create your bouquet, don’t just pick flowers that go with a certain theme.

Rather, take some time to plan out a bouquet that captures the emotions and beauty of your special day in a way that you will cherish. Not everyone will know what your bouquet is meant to represent, and that’s ok.

Not having everyone in the loop means that your wedding bouquet is all the more special because you’d be the only one to realize its deeper meaning and hold it close to heart.

It is also important to make sure that you get a high quality photo or two of your thoughtful bouquet. LakeShore Photography & Video is able to help you capture your wedding bouquet so that it is never forgotten. We are also experts at capturing all of the happenings of your special day so you can look back in awe. The most heartfelt day of your life needs to be captured by a photography company that knows what they are doing. Therefore, LakeShore Photography & Video is a great choice for all of your wedding photography and even videography needs.

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