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Whether you are planning a whimsical backyard wedding or a glamorous destination wedding, here are a few universal tips to help you accomplish the least stressful outdoor wedding ceremony. Careful planning and patience throughout the process will pay off once you and your guests experience the day surrounded by natural beauty and conclude your celebration under the night sky!

All Seasons Are a Go!

You are not limited to a summer outdoor wedding. If you’re a fall fanatic or snow bunny at heart, consider pulling off a seasonally themed bash!

Each season can provide a romantic backdrop for a beautiful ceremony, just remember to plan for the proper shelter and equipment to stay comfortable. During the hot months of the year, be sure to provide protection from the sun and resist renting a clear top tent. Shade is critical to keeping cool, comfortable and relaxed.

It’s also important to keep your guests hydrated for the duration of your outdoor ceremony, so make sure it’s clear where your guests can access cool water. If your dinner reception will also be held outside in the heat, be mindful of your menu. Do your best to avoid cheese/fruit platters and chilled desserts that require proper refrigeration and may also attract bugs.

During cool months, when weather is most unpredictable and there is a chance of wind, rain or snow, it’s critical not to go without an extremely sturdy tent and reliable tent service that can be on call for any weather emergency.

In the spring and fall months, you are probably safe renting a tent that is not enclosed, but do find a “marketplace” style tent with side panels for those chilly winter months! Ask the rental company if they offer an extra tent layer, and a double-door entryway to keep the cold air out in those extra cold months. Bonus tip: To create a warm and cozy environment for everyone, rent one heat lamp for every ten of your guests.

Dance Under the Stars​

One of the best perks of holding an outdoor reception is the opportunity to dance under the night sky, here are a few things to consider to ensure a stress-free evening.

Dance Floor – Whether your reception will be held on pavement, grass or sand, you may need to rent floor panels to correct any uneven ground and create a designated dance space!

Bugs – If your wedding date is in the spring or summer – keep bugs away by using citronella candles throughout your space. This is a multi-functional solution as you can incorporate them into your centerpiece décor.

There’s nothing more annoying than swatting bugs away all night – so take all preventive measures and even consider a hiring a professional exterminator a couple days beforehand.

Lighting – Set the mood and keep your guests safe by providing proper lighting solutions.

Paper lanterns, chandeliers and tea lights in mason jars can all be part of your mood lighting and décor, but remember to light pathways and your dance floor well to make sure there are no accidents! Speak with the rental company you plan to work with and even an electrician to make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the night.

Important Necessities – If your ceremony and reception are not near an indoor location with a public restroom, do not forget to provide a portable one! There are plenty of options out there, so think luxury over construction site!

Have an Alternate Plan​

To keep your mind at ease, it will not hurt to have a back-up plan. It may feel like a lot to think about now, but you won’t have a worry on your big day if you plan ahead! The strongest of tents cannot uphold in the worst conditions, so think about where you can take the party indoors if you must. Recruit a few responsible friends to help you with a communication and action plan in the case of a weather emergency.


It is your big day, and there is no limit to what you can pull off for your outdoor wedding. We hope these universal tips help you in the process of your planning, and wish you the best in deciding the details! We trust that your ceremony will be as unique as you are!

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