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Lake Shore Photography and Video captures your entire wedding experience, from the setting of the first place card to the packing up the centerpieces from the reception. Our experienced Chicago rehearsal dinner photographer takes photographs of the evening to make sure that those who attended will be able to treasure the memories forever.


Rehearsal dinners are almost just as important as your wedding day itself. Filled with honest and sincere emotional speeches, tears and laughter, it’s a time you won’t ever want to forget. Even more essential, a lot goes into the planning of a rehearsal dinner. Whether you’ve carefully selected a gorgeous venue, had a custom cake created, or handcrafted your table centerpieces, you will definitely want to have these intimate details documented to be remembered forever.

When you have family and friends flying in from not only the east and west coasts, but all over, it makes sense to make a whole weekend out of your wedding event. That said, it’s nice to host a cordial rehearsal dinner to welcome your out of town guests.

Rehearsal dinner photography is a wonderful way to capture more candid photographs than those formal group photos taken at your wedding. Also, there is much more to a bride and groom other than their personalities on their wedding day. A rehearsal dinner creates a more intimate way to capture the casual sides of the bridal party in their true selves.

More importantly, though, getting married is a huge milestone in your life. As meaningful as your wedding day is, there is just something truly extraordinary about the energy in the air the night before you say “I do.” The photos from your wedding ceremony are a bit more formal and planned, whereas professional images from your rehearsal dinner will display all of those anticipated, nervous heebie-jeebies, as well as all of the excitement beforehand.


Other than being able to treasure these photos and memories, there are a lot of benefits of hiring a professional Chicago rehearsal dinner photographer. One of the main reasons is that you won’t have to spend your entire night worrying about taking photos, or asking friends and family members to do so on their smartphones.

Plus, even if others do take a lot of good photos of you throughout the night, which usually happens, it’s usually pretty difficult to get them from everyone afterwards. Having a Chicago rehearsal dinner photographer take pictures instead is a great way to have high-quality images of the night all in one convenient location for easy access.

Considering your guest list for your rehearsal dinner is generally your closest friends and family members, everyone is in their most comfortable state, relaxed and having a good time with each other. This creates more genuine photos of you and loved ones, showing that you enjoy spending time with one another.

Even more important, many friends and family members from all over fly in for your big day. A main reason it’s so vital to hire a rehearsal dinner photography company is because they are able to capture the actual magic of reuniting with these special people who made the effort to come in to celebrate you and your wedding day.

At the rehearsal dinner, real toasts are given. This is a very emotional experience that you definitely are going to want to remember forever, and having a professional Chicago rehearsal dinner photographer there on hand will be very helpful with this. Also, a rehearsal dinner is a great time for a trial run, not just for the photographer, but for the guests. Guests of the wedding will become more comfortable with the photographer and thus be less camera-shy on the actual wedding day, creating more entertaining and authentic pictures at the reception.

The rehearsal dinner also gives your photographer the opportunity to meet everyone important to you who will be attending your ceremony. This is really important so that they know who they are and can make sure to take tons of pictures of them.



1. Use this time as an opportunity to introduce yourself to both the bridal party and parents of the couple — A main reason to take pictures at the wedding rehearsal dinner is to meet all of the relevant people you should be photographing on the actual wedding day.

2. Dress for the occasion — There is nothing more humiliating than showing up for an event underdressed. Be sure to look presentable and as if you were at one of your close friend’s rehearsal dinners. Seek out the location beforehand if you’re unsure of what you wear.

3. Arrive on time, if not early — Showing up early will give you time to scout the venue and see where you will get the best shots. You can take some practice shots and determine the best lighting, lenses, and angles to use.
Capture the raw emotions of the night — Rehearsal dinners are full of emotional moments, with close friends and family all sharing toasts and telling meaningful stories. It’s important to capture these little moments that the bride and groom will want to cherish forever.

4. Find a story to tell — Some people think there isn’t a point to rehearsal dinner photography because it’s just photos of “people eating.” This is far from true, however, it is important to find the details that tell the story behind the guests and their connection to the happy couple.

5. Differentiate the dinner from the actual wedding — If you’re also going to be the wedding photographer on the big day, it’s important to keep the pictures’ themes and overall vibes separate from the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. It’s key that the photos from the rehearsal dinner aren’t better than the wedding!


A professional and experienced Chicago rehearsal dinner photographer like the one at Lake Shore Photography and Video will undoubtedly capture pictures of your loved ones that can easily become neglected amidst the excitement of your wedding day. Having captured these intimate moments for tons of couples all around the country, we have the experience to make sure to document all of the important and real parts that goes along with your wedding, including the uncontrollable laughter that comes from toasts from close friends, friends lighting a cigar, family members reuniting after a long time apart, or simple friends embracing.

Call us today at 847-687-2336 or send us an email for a free quote, and our experienced wedding rehearsal dinner photographer would be glad to walk you through the details of our service!

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