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Your wedding has been over for a few weeks now and you are starting to readjust back to your everyday life.  You still may have thank you notes to write, catching up to do on work and personal items, and are ready to embark on a new chapter of your life with your partner.  Although you may already feel like you have a million things to do, we want to encourage you to add one more important item to the list: writing a review for your wedding photographer.

There are many reasons you don’t want to forget to write an honest review for both the photographer at your wedding and all the other vendors that made your day special.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should make it a point to review your wedding photography professional:

1. It Is One of the Best Ways to Show Appreciation for Their Hard Work

Wedding photographers work very hard at making sure they capture the best moments of your special day.

There is so much preparation that occurs both before your wedding day and long after the last piece of cake has been eaten.  They have to prepare all the equipment for your event, make sure they are at the right places at the right time, ensure they capture each of your loved ones and everyone who made time to help celebrate your extraordinary day, and then spend hours of photo editing.  Then, after that, there is even more photo editing to be done.

Often, the bride and groom are so busy during the wedding that there simply isn’t enough time to individually thank all the vendors who helped make the day shine.  Leaving a review of your wedding photography companyis the best way you can thank them for their hard work.  It can be very difficult for many businesses to obtain reviews; many people simply don’t make the time.  Yet, reviews are one of the leading reasons people select one vendor over another.  You may not think that taking a few minutes to leave a review for your wedding photographer makes that big of an impact, but trust me, it definitely does.

Any diligent small business is checking these reviews and are extremely grateful to clients that take the time to leave a review.  Reviews can make or break a business, and leaving a good review makes a significant impact on future potential clients when making a decision on which wedding photographer to hire.  A review, especially if your photographer did a great job, is simply the one of the best ways you can thank them.  For the photographer at your wedding, skip the thank you note and write a review instead!

2.  Wedding Photography Reviews Benefit Other Couples

When you write a review, you want to be as honest and as detailed as possible.  If they did an exceptional job on one or more specific areas of their work, be sure to highlight that.  Good, well thought-out reviews greatly benefit other couples who are considering which wedding photographer to go with.  Each client has a different experience, so reading through the many reviews really benefits future brides and grooms because it will give them a great overall sense of the areas in which the photographer excels.  If your potential photographer really goes the extra mile in their work, the reviews will make that clear.  The more reviews a company has, the better it is for future potential customers.  Over time, and with many reviews, they will provide a “big picture” synopsis of the quality of work your wedding photographer produces.  So pay it forward and take the time to write a review!  Although you may not be thanked directly for doing so, other couples will surely appreciate reading how your experience went before making such a big decision in choosing a photographer for their wedding.

3.  Photographer Reviews Help Small Business

For larger businesses, it is a bit easier to obtain reviews than smaller ones.  Since they are already large businesses, they presumably have more customers and thus are getting more reviews of their work.  However, for small businesses, which many wedding photographers are, obtaining quality reviews can be a bit tougher.  People in smaller businesses work just as hard, if not harder, than people in larger businesses.  Writing reviews for smaller businesses, wedding photographers included, will make a larger impact on their business since they likely have fewer reviews. This helps small businesses grow larger, which is good for numerous reasons.  Reviews of small businesses will make a large impact and will educate potential customers on a great business operation they may not know about yet.  Choosing a good wedding photographer or any small business can be time consuming, especially without seeing reviews of the particular business  You can make a large impact in supporting small business by simply taking the time to leave a review.

4.  Help Establish a Valuable Contact

Photographers are valuable connections to have.  Leaving a positive review for a job well done will help strengthen the relationship between you and your photographer.  Just as you choose a business to work with, businesses sometimes also must be  choosy about which clients to work with, especially during busy times.  Leaving useful reviews will make yourself stand out with your photographer or really any vendor.  No matter what business you’re in, business relationships are very valuable.

You and the businesses you do business with should work to help each other as much as possible.  Trusted partners are thought of much differently than “vendors,” and leaving great reviews for jobs well done will better place you in the “trusted partner” category rather than just the “customer” category.  Again, there are many ways photographers can help you both personally and professionally, so you want to establish the best mutually beneficial relationships possible.  Leaving reviews can help do just that!

5.  Help Businesses Realize Areas for Improvement

If your wedding photographer was great overall but has one or two things they can do better, let them know!  Reviews that are honest and thoughtful, even if there are one or two areas for improvement, can be really helpful for a small business.  Believe it or not, a few areas for improvement in some of the reviews help the business and not the other way around.  First and foremost, it goes without saying that the business will strive to do better on the areas needed.

Secondly, businesses that have 100% great things said about them can sometimes come off as an untruthful representation of the business.  All people and business always have a few things they can improve upon.  Nobody’s perfect, right?  Even if there were a few things that can be improved upon, it’s better to be honest (in a nice way, of course) than to not let them know areas they can do better.  We can’t improve upon things unless we know what the issues are, so be sure to let your wedding photographer know if there are a few things he or she can improve their business.

Bottom Line

Take the time to leave your photography professional a thoughtful review.  It helps them, shows appreciation by taking the time to review their hard work, and helps other prospective clients by providing an honest assessment of the things you were pleased with on your wedding photography.  If your photographer went absolutely out of his way to make sure your day went smoothly, great!  Leave a review.  If there are a few things you can think of that can be improved upon, no worries.  Leave a review.  Leaving a review for your wedding photographer won’t take a great deal of your time but can make a huge impact in many ways, and is a great way to return the favor for all the hard work they put in to capture one of your life’s greatest moments.

Have you thought about all the different photography options available for your wedding? Do you have questions on the qualities to look for in choosing a wedding photographer?  We would love to hear from you! Contact us Here!

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