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Many brides debate whether or not to include professional videography on their wedding day. At first, it seems like passing the iPhone to Aunt Linda to capture the day is enough, but here are five reasons you need a professional to capture your wedding day on video:

1. A Professional Videographer is 100% Focused on You and Your Special Day

Someone who takes professional wedding video will have a keen and constant eye out for moments to capture.

A professional videographer won’t be distracted by your family and friends, won’t leave early, and won’t get drunk at cocktail hour. Getting a professional video of your wedding day ensures without a doubt that the most important moments of your day are captured—and at a high quality as well! (Plus, you won’t have to chase down your friends and family to get your wedding video after the fact.)

2. A Professional Video is a Time Capsule You Can Share with Others

One bride who used professional videography on her wedding day noted that her wedding day was the last time her entire family was together before her maternal grandparents died. The gift of being able to replay her grandmother’s laugh and her grandfather’s dancing brought her invaluable joy.

A professional wedding video is a forever record of a moment in time, capturing you and your spouse of course, but also capturing the voices, movements, and ages of your friends and family. Months, years, and decades down the road, a professional wedding video is a phenomenal way to look back and savor a moment in time.

3. A Professional Video Captures the Things You Don’t See on Your Wedding Day

What did your ceremony space look like before you walked in? Did your ring bearing niece dance up the aisle? Did your dad really cry during your vows? Your wedding day goes by in a flash. A professional video is a phenomenal way to guarantee you see every facet of the day you spent months—maybe years—planning.

You’ll get to see flowers, cocktail hours, and music you put heart into creating, and you’ll get to see the reactions—laughter, tears, and hugs—of the people who love you most.

4. A Professional Videographer Offers Quality and Add-Ons That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

A professional videographer does so many things your friends and family can’t do on their phones. Things like post-production editing, setting your video to music, or offering day-of bonuses like drone filming are all part of a professional videographer’s package.

Your wedding day is not their first rodeo, so they’ll know all the ins and outs when it comes to capturing sound, finding the best lighting for your group shot, and tweaking the final product before it reaches your hands.

5. A Professional Video Features Sound and Movement—Two Traits a Photo Can’t Replicate

There are just some things that can only be captured on video. Hearing the cheers from your guests during your first kiss as a married couple, seeing your brother reach for his index cards before your toast, capturing the gasp your spouse made when they saw your for the first time…

These are all moments you can get a taste of with photos, but you get the whole experience watching back on a video. Professional video captures and memorializes the emotions of your wedding day in their full form—not just visual!

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