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When people think of wedding photography, many times they think of pictures of the bride & groom and of all the loved ones attending the wedding.  However, you don’t want to miss capturing all of the little details in the wedding, including all the beautiful flowers adding to the serenity of your special day.  Long after the wedding is over, families will want to look back and reminisce over all the little things that made the day special.

Below are 4 things to think about when capturing pictures of the magnificent flowers on your wedding day:

1. Focus on the Details

There are many aspects of a wedding where capturing the details is extremely important, and the wedding flowers are among them.  When taking pictures of still items like flowers, you want to focus in as much as possible.  The more focused and crisp, the better.  Items like the vase do not necessarily need to be captured unless there is something really special or unique about it.

Avoid a cluttered background when taking your pictures, and it’s fine to move the flowers if needed to get the best pictures possible.  You want to isolate the flowers as much as you can, and capture them with the best lighting possible.

2.  Use Different Angles and Backgrounds

Oftentimes, the flowers will not be arranged in the most photogenic way.  You may need to adjust your angle and backgrounds where needed.  Different angles and arrangements can be useful and will provide different perspectives on the same arrangement.  Strive to take unique photos that capture the very best of each arrangement.  Much thought went into selecting the numerous flower arrangements at each wedding, so you want to put just as much thought into how to acquire the best photos of the flowers so the family can remember and appreciate them along with the rest of the small yet important details of the day.

3.   Think Outside the Box

Think of unique ways to capture the wedding flowers.  Do you want people in some of the pictures with the flowers?  What backgrounds are best for your flower photos?  After your close up pictures, maybe a few pictures of several different flower arrangements together would look nice?  As a good wedding photographer, try to think of ways to capture unique pictures of the flowers in which it will be clear to your audience that you put a lot of thought into how the pictures would turn out.

The Takeaway

Families put a lot of time and preparation into what flowers they select for their wedding, so don’t forget to capture the important details of the wedding flowers they selected.  Do what you need to do to make sure you capture the flowers in their best light (pun intended!).  If you need to move them for better lighting or backgrounds, don’t waver at doing so.  And most of all, be creative and capture several different angles that will make your pictures unique and memorable.

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